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JFK's Birth May 29, 1917

1988 Kennedy half dollar, John F Kennedy birth
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JFK's Birth May 29, 1917

US half dollar - John F Kennedy birth -  1988 Kennedy half dollar coins
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    Born on May 29, 1917, America's future president, John F. Kennedy, spent his early childhood in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. His mother, the lovely Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy, an ambitious and successful businessman, raised John in a traditional Irish Catholic household. As the second child in a family that would eventually include nine children, John enjoyed the camaraderie and closeness of this large, spirited family.

    From his earliest days, politics played a vital role in John F Kennedy's life. The family discussed current events at the dinner table, and seeking public office took on great importance as a virtual family tradition. Both of John Kennedy's grandfathers established themselves as powerful figures in Massachusetts politics. His paternal grandfather served in the state legislator and his maternal grandfather, John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, was renowned as the Mayor of Boston.

    As John Kennedy grew up, his father achieved great wealth, and Joseph, too, entered public service. When Franklin Roosevelt was elected president, he appointed Joseph Kennedy as the first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and later selected him to be Ambassador to Great Britain.

    Raised in a prosperous family, John Kennedy enjoyed many advantages. He received an excellent education and traveled extensively. Even of greater importance, his family instilled within him a will to win. This desire to excel launched John Kennedy on a political career that would eventually take him to the White House.

    The historic mint stamp on this Panel depicts the official seal of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was issued in 1930 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the colony. This Panel is postmark May 29, the exact anniversary of John F Kennedy's birth.

John F Kennedy birth

US half dollar - John F Kennedy birth - 1988 Kennedy half dollar


John F Kennedy Facts

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US half dollar, 1988 Kennedy half dollar coins.
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