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Calculate & print postage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Eliminate long trips to the Post Office. Print addresses and postage in one simple step. Verify addresses automatically.

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Save 80% over the cost of a postage meter. Print exact postage every time never overpay again! Save with Free Delivery Confirmation Service. Use client billing codes to track spending.

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Send Certified Mail, Return Receipt without USPS forms. Let help you choose the best delivery method. Print addresses from Microsoft Word documents. Import from popular PC address books (ie. Outlook)

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Print directly onto your mail piece or your labels. Send everything from postcards to packages. Use any mail class and add USPS Special Services. Send domestic and international mail with

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Hide postage value - avoid shipping & handling questions. Weigh packages with a Scale. Add free Delivery Confirmation to Priority Mail packages. Check delivery status of your package with one click.

Create a More Professional Appearance Put an end to sloppy, handwritten addresses. Add graphics and logos for a more customized look. Make your mail and packages look more official. Print postage online on our beautiful, themed NetStamps.

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