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~ Onondaga Lake Park
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   Onondaga Lake Park has activities from dawn to dusk every day of the year. It has free admission; the best paved, vehicle free trails in the region; free outdoor wireless internet (at the Griffin Visitor Center area);a legacy of history reflecting 500 years of community growth; and as the host to great special events, sporting competitions and festivals. Seven miles of shoreline nooks and crannies provide tremendous options for family picnics, including developed areas in Willow Bay and Cold Springs.

Address 106 Lake Drive, Liverpool NY 13088
Telephone 315-453-6712
Open Dawn to dusk daily
Acres 1,110

A Wellness Haven. Team sports, in-line skate lessons, bicycle-built-for-two rentals. For skate rental information, call 453-6718.
Trams. Continuous loops from the Salt Museum to the Willow Bay Cafe. Admission Suggested Donation: $1 per visitor and $1 per tram ride.
Onondaga Lake Park Marina & Launch. Spend a night or the summer at beautiful Onondaga Lake Park Marina. For reservation information, call 315-453-6721 or 453-6712.
Parkway Sundays - Walk, run, rollerblade, or bike down the vehicle-free Onondaga Lake Parkway

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Onondaga Lake Park Directions:
From I-81 N. - Exit 24, to Route 370W (Onondaga Lake Parkway) to park entrance.
From I-81 S. - Exit 23, left onto Hiawatha Blvd, left onto Park St., to Route 370W (Onondaga Lake Parkway) to park entrance on left.
From I-90 (NYS Thruway)- Exit 38, right onto Rte. 57 to Liverpool NY, to Route.370E (Onondaga Lake Parkway) to park entrance.

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Reserved for group picnics and special events during the summer, this becomes the perfect metropolitan winter destination with a lighted sledding hill and cross-country ski trail. Located at the north end of Onondaga Lake Park.

~ Onondaga Lake Park
Liverpool NY Onondaga County ~

History - A changing Fishery
Sign near Onondaga Lake and the Salt Museum.
Info here copied from sign.
   The 17th century abundance of salmon trout whitefish and ell attracted the Native Americans to the shores of "Gannetaha" where they would construct temporary fishing villages.

   Through the late 1800's, Onondaga lake whitefish was a delicacy in New York City markets and restaurants.
   However, industrial pollution and sewage in the first half of the twentieth century turned the metropolitan lake into one of the country's most contaminated water bodies, with 1928 surveys showing only 10 species of fish.

   In 1972, fishing was banned because of mercury contamination. Since that time, fishery monitoring, investments in waste water collection & treatment systems and public education have resulted in marked water quality improvements.

   In 1986, the fishing ban was modified to allow catch and release. In 1999, the advisory on consumption of gamefish was revised. Fifty-four species of fish have been captured in the lake since 1990, with sport fishing for large and small-mouth bass drawing national acclaim.

   The northeast shore of Onondaga Lake has traditionally been recognized as the site of the founding of the Iroquios Confederacy in the late 16th century. Hiawatha, revered by the Iroquois as "the Peacemaker," was responsible for bringing together the Five Nations in a political and military league.

   The Confederation allowed the Iroquios to develop the most sophisticated political system in North America by the time Europeans colonization began. The military power of the Iroquios expanded as well. At its peak in the late 17th century, the Confederacy was able to assert itself over native peoples from New England to the Mississippi and from the St. Lawrence Valley to Virginia. The Iroquios remained a significant power in North America until their defeat in the American Revolution. The strength of the Confederacy forged by Hiawatha is still evident. Despite military defeat and the loss of their lands, the Iroquios nations continue to hold council in Onondaga County as they have for nearly 400 years.
The Iroquois Confederacy
Sign near Onondaga Lake
Info here copied from sign.
Orginal Confederacy    The orginal Confederacy was comprised of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations.In 1711 the Tuscaroras, an Iroquoian people orginally from North Carolina, were admitted to the League.
Onondaga Lake Park, Long branch park Liverpool NY, Onondaga county

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