Beef Goulash Recipe Bohemian Goulash

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   Recipe from the first lady in 1975, Mrs. Gerald Ford and a Recipe from the Vice Presidents wife in 1975, Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller.

Enjoy recipes from an old cookbook made years ago from a rural community plus a recipe from the White House during that time.

Beef Goulash Recipe Bohemian Goulash

Bohemian Goulash Recipe

   Ingredients required
1/2 to 1/3 cup flour
2 lb round steak, cut into servings pieces
2 cups water
4 tablespoons brown sugar
6 whole cloves
1/2 cup fat or bacon grease
one large onion, sliced
1 teaspoons salt
2 tablespoons vinegar
6 whole allspice

Instructions for Bohemian Goulash Recipe

   Put flour in a paper bag. Shake meat, one piece at a time, and flour. Heat fat in a frying pan or cooker, brown meat and fat. Add onion and brown, add water, vinegar, sugar and salt. Tie spices in a piece of cheesecloth to make it easier to remove them, if you wish, before adding them to the meat. If all the flour was not used, sprinkle the rest in the sauce. Bring to a boil and cook slowly, covered, for about three hours, or until tender. Serve with noodles, dumplings, potatoes or rice. This may be made a day or two ahead and reheated to serve. Serve six

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Baking Abbreviations
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Tbsp. - tablespoon
C. - cup
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sq. - square
min. - minute, minutes
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16 tablespoon = 1 cup
1 cup = 1/2 pint
2 cups = 1 pint
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4 quarts(liquid) = 1 gallon
8 quarts(solid) = 1 peck
4 pecks = 1 bushel
16 ounces = 1 pound
2 tablespoon = 1/4 cup
5 1/3 tablespoons = 1/3 cup
8 tablespoons = 1/2 cup
10 2/3 tablespoons = 2/3 cup
12 tablespoons = 3/4 cup
14 tablespoons = 7/8 cup